‘Wine Spectacular’ banned from New Jersey prisons

19th January, 2018 by Lauren Eads

US wine magazine Wine Spectator is on a list of publications banned from New Jersey state prisons, along with the likes of Hustler, Booty and 50 Shades of Grey, despite being offhandedly referred to as ‘Wine Spectacular‘ – much to the surprise of its editorial team.

The exclusion of the magazine from prisons in New Jersey was uncovered by the magazine amid the furore over the state’s decision to ban The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness – a book by Michelle Alexander, a civil rights litigator and legal scholar – which discusses race-related issues specific to African-American males and mass incarceration in the United States on the premise that “mass incarceration is, metaphorically, the New Jim Crow”.

The ban on this book has since been lifted…..

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2 Responses to “‘Wine Spectacular’ banned from New Jersey prisons”

  1. Fernando Neves says:

    Where is the freedom in a so open and actually a weird country?
    Since years ago until now, we are looking for American society managing the daily life, like a virus, with accusations, threats and hipocrisy.
    And now, even a wine magazine is suffering this new wave of life. Please, grow up again.

  2. Fernando Neves says:

    More than that. Wine is culture. Wine a the reflection how beautiful nature is. Wine is the pleasure of life. Please enjoy, do not destroy. Thank you!

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