Six of the best restaurants for Burgundy in London

The Greenhouse

Overall WLC ranking: 2

“This supermodel of a collection is curated by sommelier Elvis Ziakos. On it, cool oceans of Chablis include a startlingly large François Raveneau vertical, which would add citrus zip to classically-trained chef Arnaud Bignon’s subtly Asian-influenced, French-rooted dishes, including wild turbot with golden matcha tea and cauliflower.

“Burgundy listings are, overall, eye-poppingly exciting, with older vintages of these and iconic Bordeaux being in plentiful supply. The huge listing of Penfolds Grange dating to 1961 must be one of the largest in existence.

“A list that struts with its chest puffed out and head held high – pretty much peerless.”

27A Hay’s Mews, Mayfair, W1J 5NY

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