Top 10 new drinks books

The Dirty Guide to Wine by Alice Feiring, £20, published by The Countryman Press

Natural wine enthusiast Alice Feiring was ahead of Carla Capalbo on penning a paean to Georgian wine based on her travels throug the country and the winemakers she met there. Her latest book offers a new way of looking at wine, exploring the importance of soil and terroir on the flavour of wine.

The Dirty Guide to Wine groups wines not by grape, not by region, but by soil. The same winning qualities found in a Bordeaux might be found in a Californian Chardonnay, for example. Rather than relying on tasting notes, Feiring explores the ways soil can transcend a grape, showing how a specific soil type can lend acidity or power regardless of the region, and providing a framework for wine lovers to work out what they like and why.

Feiring offers a novel account of the traditions and techniques of wine tasting, demystifying the practice and putting forward a new way to enjoy wine to sommeliers and novices alike.

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