Vinexpo Bordeaux 2017: what to expect

With just a few days to go until Vinexpo Bordeaux opens its doors to the trade, we bring you a preview of this vast international wine and spirits fair, including all that’s new, notable and unmissable.

Vinexpo Bordeaux is held every two years at the city’s Parc des Expositions

There’s no trade fair in the world quite like Vinexpo Bordeaux. With its lakeside setting, summer timing, and VIP visitors, it has a glamour that’s normally absent from other major international exhibitions, whatever the sector. Throw in the chance to dine in the newly-restored city of Bordeaux, or enjoy an evening in the châteaux of the Medoc, and one can understand why this biennial event proves such a draw, particularly for Asian wine buyers. And, for 2017’s edition, there’s also a first-rate vintage release to sample, with the 2016s already widely declared as excellent.

“We are based by one of the most famous wine regions in the world, and that is a major attraction. When we coincide with a good vintage in Bordeaux, it brings even more of a buzz,” says Guillaume Deglise, Vinexpo CEO and head of the exhibition, stressing the appeal of hosting an international wine fair in a wine region.

Referring to the restoration of the city of Bordeaux, he says: “Bordeaux is a newly-attractive city, and, since June last year, we also have the Cité du Vin” – the futuristic €81 million (£58m) wine centre in Bordeaux, which has been dubbed the ‘Guggenheim of wine’ because of its curved exterior, which has been designed to mimic the swirl of liquid in a decanter.

But while such elements enhance the appeal of Vinexpo Bordeaux, Deglise is adamant that the exhibition is the place to do business, and with the most high-profile personalities in the trade. “Vinexpo is where all the decision-makers, the owners, come to,” he says, highlighting the prestige of this event.

Further enhancing the draw of the fair is the fact that it occurs every two years, says Deglise. “Vinexpo Bordeaux is not every year, and this is really an advantage for us, like the Olympic Games or the Football World Cup, if it is every year then there is less excitement.”

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