Six under-appreciated grape varieties

Godello, Galicia, Spain

This wine comes from a region in northwestern part of Spain near Atlantic Ocean called Galicia.

The grape would almost certainly have become extinct in the 1970s if it weren’t for local producers like Godeval, who insisted on the wine’s potential and quality.

Mainly grown in Valdeorras, the grape’s quality is so obvious that now it has forayed outside of Galicia and is being planted in other parts of Spain as well. Its planting has grown from one hectare to 1,200 hectares, said Jancis Robinson MW.

The quality of a Godello from local producer Bodega Rafael Palacios was compared by the master of the wine to Puligny Montrachet. “I see some similarity in structure if not flavour with Puligny Montrachet. It’s got that kind of class to it,” she declared.

“It will age very well in a similar way to a white Burgundy”.

This type of white wine together with young Burgundies is encouraged by Robinson to go through decanting for maximum enjoyment.

The red wine equivalent to Godello is Mencia that is likewise spreading outside of its home in Bierzo of Spain.



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  2. Linden Wilkie says:

    Who organised the masterclass?

  3. Georgia has over 500 grape varietys.. just saying..

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