Top 10 drinks-related gifts for Christmas

10. Coravin Model One

The Coravin Model One is the most competitively priced device yet (Photo: Coravin)

Coravin’s Model One is its most competitively priced model yet, launched with the aim of appealing to the growing millennial wine enthusiast demographic.

Coravin systems allow users to dispense wine from a bottle through a specially designed needle without removing the cork. An accompanying gas capsule inserts inert argon gas into the bottle to replace the removed wine. The pressure of the argon pushes the wine through the needle, whilst preventing any oxygen from entering the bottle.

Having initially launched in the US, the original Coravin made its first UK appearance in October 2013, priced at £249. 

Coravin Model 2 was launched in the US last year, and in the UK in February of this year. That model features an improved needle which pours wine 20% faster than the previous model and a more streamlined design. Model 2 carries an RRP of £279.  More recently, Coravin launched the Model 2 Elite which, being sold in three different colours – red, silver and gold with a chrome finish – was aimed more at the the private consumer than on-trade customers.

Model One, with its £199 price tag, is the least expensive Coravin device yet.

Price: £199

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