Coravin launches new Model Two Elite

In the latest step to make its products more consumer-focused, Coravin has launched the Model Two Elite, available in different colours.

Red_Angled_Back_Black-3The new model has an identical design to the Model Two Wine System and includes the same needle that pours 20% faster than its predecessor, the Coravin Model Eight as well as using the premium Coravin capsules containing 99.99% pure argon gas.

Described by Coravin as “providing a brighter, bolder way to pour,” the Model Two Elite is available in three colours: red, silver and gold with a chrome finish.

Since its launch in 2013, Coravin has transformed the wine industry by giving consumers and wine professionals the freedom to pour and serve the wines they like in any quantity, without having to finish the bottle. With a needle inserted into the bottle keeping the cork in place, the provided gas capsule inserts argon gas into the bottle while the needle is removed and prevents oxygen from entering the bottle. The cork then naturally seals up again.

Coravin hopes that the Model Two Elite with its bright new colours will make pouring and drinking wine more attractive to consumers.


“More so than any other beverage, people develop a personal and emotional relationship with wine. Through the addition of colour, the Model Two Elite further personalizes each unique wine drinking experience – adding passion, vivacity, and personality to the Coravin experience,” said Frederic Levy, president and CEO of Coravin.

Christian Pillsbury, Coravin’s director of sales for Asia Pacific, added: “Coravin Model Two Elite is a natural evolution and represents a broadening of the Coravin system lineup.

“We recognise that Coravin is at home, not only in the Shangri-La and at the Upper House but in every kitchen and dining room. Our interest is to offer the benefits of drinking wine without being limited to collectors and sommeliers but to anyone who enjoys wine at home. Why not drink in full colour?”

The Model Two Elite will launch for the Asia Pacific region at Vinexpo on 24 May 2016 and will be available along with the previous models via Watson’s Wines from then.


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