Coravin 2 launches in UK

Coravin has announced the launch of its new Coravin Model Two Wine System in the UK.

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The Coravin 2 pours 20% faster than the previous model (Photo: Coravin)

The original Coravin system, originally known as the Coravin C1000 System, was introduced in 2013, allowing users to pour a glass of wine without removing the cork. It has since become popular with sommeliers and amateur wine enthusiasts alike.

The device features a needle which is inserted into the bottle while keeping the cork in place. An accompanying gas capsule inserts inert argon gas into the bottle as the needle is removed, preventing ingress of oxygen, and therefore spoilage from oxidation.

There is a growing trend for restaurants to use the device in order to make high-end wines which would be prohibitively expensive to buy by the bottle available by the glass.

The new Coravin system, which was launched in the US last year, features an improved needle which pours 20% faster than the previous model, the company said, and “a streamlined, modern design with brushed metal accents in dark graphite”.  

The new faster-pouring needle can also be bought separately and used on the original Coravin system.

“To understand the changes and enhancements that would improve the user experience of the new product, Coravin said its team had travelled around the world to meet home users, sommeliers and winemakers who had been using the device to improve the Coravin user experience.

Their research, the company said, had resulted in a more user-friendly design and enhanced performance features.

The Coravin 2 also features a new L-shaped ‘ProperFit Clamp’ with textured grips, making it easier to squeeze and ensure a secure hold on the bottle.

In addition, new “Capsule Cup Load Cell Technology” guarantees a tight seal between the device and the gas capsule, ensuring leak-proof installation of the capsule, Coravin said.

“We’re very excited to announce the availability of Coravin Model Two in the UK, following a hugely successful launch in the US earlier this year,” said Frederic Levy, president and CEO of Coravin.

“This is a significant step for our ongoing European expansion, as more and more Brits enjoy Coravin’s revolutionary attributes, both at home and in restaurants and bars across the country.”

The Coravin system is sold in more than 30 countries worldwide and has more than 500 restaurant and retail partners, including Fera at Claridge’s, Jason Atherton’s Social Wine and Tapas and The Ivy.

As reported in the drinks business, the company recently secured more than $14million (£9.7m) in financing in the US to facilitate expansion.

The Coravin 2 has a recommended retail price of £279 and is available from a variety of UK stockists, including Harrods, Selfridges, Harvey Nichols, 67 Pall Mall, Birchgrove and Highbury Vintners.

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