Top 10 London wine lists by price

7. Bubbledogs


When considering the margins applied to the wines, probably the best place to drink grower Champagne in London, a true ‘Who’s Who’ of great producers that would grace the finest Michelin-starred tables in town: Larmandier-Bernier; Egly-Ouriet; Georges Laval; Laherte-Frères; Benoit Lahaye; Vilmart; Chartogne-Taillet; Francis Boulard; Christophe Mignon – and so it goes on.

Those who may want a glass of wine can request something (the Kitchen Table restaurant behind the curtain has a full wine list) but it would be churlish (and foolhardy, given the friendly margins) to drink anything else but fizz in the UK’s first Champagne and hotdog restaurant.

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