Top 10 food and beer pairings

9. A ‘New World’ IPA with pork belly and pickled red cabbage

Honey Spice IPA with pork belly, potato terrine and pickled red cabbageAt The Mariners, one of head chef Zack Hawke’s dishes, pork belly with potato terrine and pickled red cabbage, works as a brilliant match with a ‘New World’ IPA.

We use Sharp’s Honey Spice IPA. The beer is sweetened with honey and spiced with pepper, which works a treat with the pork belly and is a delicious choice of dish for spring.

The market is awash with American-influenced IPAs really showcasing the incredible hops grown out there. As well as incredible tropical aromas, the beers have a full bitterness which will cut through the fat of the pork.


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  1. PP says:

    Great article.. it is time people stop looking automatically to wine and start considering beer options when having a nice meal. It is great to get some tips and guidance to help lead people to the vast and versatile world of nice beer and food.

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