Top 10 fastest growing ‘alternative’ grapes in Australia

3. Tempranillo

Tempranillo-image-700x466Finally a Spanish variety, like the Sangiovese a flagship grape for its home country.

In fact its production in Australia is somewhat similar to Sangiovese, 5,570 tonnes as of 2015, after a 63% increase since 2012.

Unlike Sangiovese though plantings have actually increased, 3% to 736ha in 2015.

4 Responses to “Top 10 fastest growing ‘alternative’ grapes in Australia”

  1. nick kenos says:

    need toprint thenext page

  2. nick kenos says:

    need tempranillo

  3. Paul Chandler says:

    I am surprised Peti Verdo does not get a mention

  4. Dick Friend says:

    Australia has over 170 grape varieties planted for wine production under various different names. Each of the 170+ unique varieties is detailed in the App “Grapes 101”

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