World’s most powerful Champagne and sparkling wine brands

3. Dom Pérignon

Dom Perignon 2000

The only brand to increase both its brand score and overall score this year was Dom Pérignon securing it a place in the top three – the first in a trio of LVMH-owned power brands. Recently the brand’s cellar master, Richard Geoffroy, confirmed its plans to increase stock of the house’s recently rebranded late-release series, which he hailed as “breaking new ground in the overall expression of what an older vintage Champagne can be.”

Overall rank: 62

Owner: LVMH

Origin: France

Total score: 4.8%

Change: 1%

Brand score: 69.6%

Change: 2%

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  1. Interesting article, as ever. Thank you
    I can obviously understand how you can up for scores for the Hard measures, however surely the reliability of the Soft measures depend to a great extent on the size and nature of the panel. Can you tell us more about the composition and size of the panel please?

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