Top 10 martini bars in Hong Kong


Honi-HoniHoni Honi is the city’s only tiki bar specialising in serving up rum-based drinks with a Caribbean flair and sophistication.

Opened by Max Traverse, a bartender who has trained under some of the most influential bartenders from New York and London and was formerly at The Library Bar in the Lanesborough Hotel London, Honi Honi has established itself as a bar where the drinks are fun, quirky, and of a supreme standard.

The Half-Half Martini is a highlight, so called because of the equal portions of Tanqueray No. Ten and Grey Goose, topped off with Mancino Secco Vermouth and lemon zest for aroma. If you’re not a slave to rigid traditions, this makes the perfect introduction for the vodka martini drinker to gin as there is less flavour from the juniper botanicals that make up much of gin’s flavour and aroma.

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