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Top 10 most expensive pints

If you’re looking to book a summer getaway and a cold pint is high on your list of priorities, our count down of the world’s most expensive spots for a beer should prove valuable.

A pint of beerRecently db brought you a top ten of where in the world to pick up the cheapest pint. 

Tajikistan, on the borders of Afghanistan and China, came out on top with an average pint price of just 30p.

This week we take a look at the other end of the spectrum picking out the countries where the cost of a pint will make your eyes water.

If a cheap pint is your top priority it might be best to avoid the following countries.

Click through for the world’s currently most expensive spots for a pint.


10. Abu Dhabi – £4.56

Carlsberg_Profile_Bottle_Real_Splash_Midnight_GreenIn an emirate state where Islam is the national religion, it is not surprising that there are no breweries operating.

Instead, those in search of a beer are most likely to find imported brands including Heineken and Carlsberg.

A pint will set you back £4.56.


9. France  – £4.95

la-bavaisienne-ambreeAccording to, the average cost of a pint in France is £4.95 with brands such as Heineken proving popular.

However the most common style of beer in France is the Biére de Garde – traditionally a classification for farmhouse ales – but which now describes a warm, strong, pale ale.

One of the most popular Biere de Gardes in France is La Bavaisienne brewed by the Thellier brewery in Bavay.




8. Sweden – £5.00

32885You won’t get any change from a fiver in Sweden where the average cost of a pint is £5.00.

One brew native to this Scandinavian country is New Sweden, a 5.3% pale ale brewed by Carlsberg Sverige in Falkenberg.

7. Singapore – £5.14

Tiger_ArchanpreviewA pint in the hi-tech, wealthy city-state of Singapore will cost you £5.14

One of the most popular beers is Tiger which is brewed across Asia and is gaining increasing popularity in the west.

In Singapore, this pale ale is brewed by the Singapore Brewery which is owned by Heineken.

6. The Republic of Djibouti – £5.48

Tusker LagerDjibouti is located in the Horn of Africa bordered by Eritrea, Ethiopia and Somalia and a pint on its shores will set you back £5.48.

There are no breweries based in Djibouti with beers instead imported from nearby African countries and the UK.

Tusker is a popular pale ale brewed by Kenya Breweries, owned by Diageo, in Nairobi. Interestingly its Potbelly Dark Tusker variety is brewed in Kettering in the UK.



5. Dubai – £5.80

HeinekenAs with Abu Dhabi, the national religion in Dubai is Islam and beer is typically imported pushing up the cost of a pint to £5.80. Popular brands include Heineken and Carlsberg.

However in a country where the super-rich come to flash the cash, the cost of a pint may not be a concern too many of its visitors.

4. Qatar – £6.00

GuinnessIn the state of Qatar around 68% of citizens are practising Muslims split between the Sunni and Shi’a factions.

Beer is not brewed in this Arab state with imports including Fosters, Guinness and Amstel popular.

A pint will cost you an eye-watering £6.00.


3. Israel – £6.00

170A cold one will cost you £6.00 in Israel making it the third most expensive country in the world for a pint.

Commonly known brands include Skol and Tuborg, the latter brewed at Israel Beer Breweries in Ashkelon, owned by Carlsberg.

2. Norway – £6.78

beer_11112In at number two is Norway where a pint stretches ever further out of most people’s budget at a displeasing £6.78.

One of the country’s most popular beers is the Hansa Pilsner, brewed by the Hansa Brewery (Hansa Bryggeri) in Bergen.

Established in 1891, Hansa Bryggeri merged with the Ãstfold-based Borg Bryggerier (Borg Breweries) in 1997, resulting in the creation of Hansa Borg Breweries.

1. Greenland – £7.35

60804-GB-Pale-Ale-fritAnd so we come to the most expensive spot in the world to enjoy a pint – Greenland.

Here a pint will cost you a wallet-crushing £7.35. In the world’s cheapest place for a pint, Tajikistan, that would buy you 24 pints. 

Ice-covered Greenland is an automous country within the Kingdom of Denmark located between the Arctic and Atlantic oceans. It is the world’s largest Island – three quarters of which is covered by the worlds only ice sheet outside of Antarctica.

A popular beer in this intriguing country is the Godthaab Greenland Pale Ale – an American pale ale brewed by the Godthaab Bryghus in Nuuk. 


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