Romagna Sangiovese ‘different’ not inferior

15th November, 2013 by Rupert Millar

The Romagna offers a distinct version of Sangiovese that has been unfairly judged in the past and deserves to be reconsidered, wine writer Walter Speller has argued.

Speaking to the drinks business at a tasting of the Convito di Romagna in London, Speller said that Sangiovese from the Italian region has been unfairly judged, poor examples being signalled as a sign of the grape’s failings rather than where it has been planted and treated.

By contrast, he reflected, it seemed that wherever Pinot Noir was planted, it as a grape, could do no wrong.

However, he continued: “The cliché has always been it is a lower quality wine,” but, “wines can be tart and harsh if they’re not being taken care of. If you don’t plant….

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2 Responses to “Romagna Sangiovese ‘different’ not inferior”

  1. Grahame Martin says:

    At last a wine writer that has the courage to write about the Sangiovese di Romagna. It is different but the ‘good’ ones’ are excellent quality’. I also agree the comments about Pinot Noir doing apparently no wrong wherever they are mad. Some of the worst versions of Pinot Noir are from France and Italy are sold as ‘the best thing since sliced bread’ in super- and hypermarkets in France and in Italy..

    Grahame Martin AIWS
    retired wine buyer and wine writer

  2. Eliseo says:

    I don’t think in Romagna you can get Sangioveses with a decent finesse. It’s too hot. As for the Sangiovese from the coast in Tuscany, not much finesse either. I don’t see Sangiovese perfroming too well in warmer conditions than Montalcino. Even in Montalcino the wines that come from the lower part of the appellations are questionable.

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