February’s top 10 new products

Boxes Blend

blended-box-whiskyInnovative online retailer Master of Malt has launched a new blended whisky – Boxes Blend – in conjunction with Athlete bassist Carey Willetts to celebrate his solo music project, Boxes, and debut album, Stickers.

Willetts was introduced to Master of Malt through Joel Harrison, founding director of whisky consulting firm Caskstrength Creative. Their combined aim was to produce a blended whisky that reflected Willetts’ personal taste, resulting in a “smooth and sweet” blend with “a hint of smoke on the end”.

Whisky enthusiast Willetts embarked on the project with the aim of making an easy-drinking dram that can be enjoyed by whisky aficionados and amateurs alike. “When we began blending, we ended up with a light, almost summery whisky, which was nice but not quite right.

The final blend needed that hint of smoke, so we kept working until we got it right,” he says, adding, “Enjoying whisky and music together is a life-affirming experience.” RRP: £54.95

CONTACT: Master of Malt +44 (0) 1892 888 376

2 Responses to “February’s top 10 new products”

  1. Struan says:

    This is a mighty fine drop, but not a 750GBP mighty drop, perhaps amend the RRP with a well placed decimal.

  2. Tom says:

    hahahahaa this is funny.
    Malacca is the Greek slang word for wanker!

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