Photographer captures Champagne’s greatest

Frédéric Rouzaud, Roederer


Frédéric Rouzaud; Photo credit: Colin Hampden-White

“This is quite a relaxed image,” says Colin, and it shows Frédéric sitting on the steps leading up to his house. “I didn’t want it to be fussy and pompous,” he continues, “And I didn’t want the house to overtake him, which is why he is pictured outside – the inside is stunning.” As for the orange cellophane, this represents the iconic packaging for Roederer’s flagship cuvée, Cristal. The effect was achieved by wrapping the lens with the plastic. Interestingly, Colin says this highlighted the quality of the packaging. “Normally if you put plastic in front of the lens, it makes the picture hazy, but such is the quality of the cellophane, this didn’t happen.”

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