Photographer captures Champagne’s greatest

Hubert de Billy, Pol Roger


Hubert de Billy; Photo credit: Colin Hampden-White

This image captures a bust of Winston Churchill and Hubert, who is the great-great-grandson of Pol Roger, founder of the house in 1849. Colin describes it as a “fairly simple picture”, perhaps because the connection between Winston Churchill and Pol Roger is so clearly made. Indeed, Colin explains that the small bust of Churchill held by Hubert represents Cuvée Sir Winston Churchill, launched by Pol Roger 10 years after the prime minister’s death, not only to commemorate him but also celebrate his very public devotion to Pol Roger. There’s also a “slight political reference” according to Colin, as Hubert is photographed in a white hall, to represent London’s Whitehall. Further, Colin describes Hubert as a “larger-than-life figure”, similar to Churchill.

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