Photographer captures Champagne’s greatest

Pierre-Emmanuel and Vitalie Taittinger, Taittinger


Pierre Emmanuel & Vitalie Taittinger; Photo credit: Colin Hampden-White

This double-portrait shows Pierre-Emmanuel and his daughter Vitalie on a spiral staircase leading in the multi-layered Taittinger cellars. Colin wanted to capture the pair somewhere other than the vast Taittinger cellars, he says, and chose the stairwell to represent the depth of family history at Taittinger. “It represents the dynastic background to Taittinger, the fact the Champagne has gone through many generations of the same family, and is now being handed on to Vitalie and Clovis [Pierre-Emmanuel’s daughter and son].” Continuing, Colin adds, “I also wanted to suggest that there are many layers of flavour in Comtes de Champagne.”

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