European Union

Czech rum gets five year reprieve from EU ban

The popular Czech rum-like spirit Tuzemák risked being banned after it was found that a key ingredient increased the risk of cancer, but manufacturers have now been given five years to reformulate the spirit.

Exports of British-made booze have risen by 16% thanks to Brexit weakening the pound

A new report claims that Brexit's pound-weakening powers are to thank for a sharp rise in UK food and drink exports.

Wine and spirits to benefit from EU-Japan trade deal

The EU and Japan have formalised a free trade deal that will reduce red tape and offer preferential access for imports between both countries after more than four years of negotiations.

Put crown emblems back on UK pint glasses to restore national pride, petition argues

A petition to restore the crown emblem to British pint glasses has gained over 10,000 signatures after it was launched two weeks ago.

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