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December 2017

Power Dressing

Luxury is the watchword as fine wine brands vie for position in the liv-ex top 100

Last year it was Bordeaux, this year the star of the Liv-ex Power 100 is undoubtedly Burgundy.

Still Crazy

New distilleries boost Scotch Whisky revival

Never in the history of Scotch whisky-making have there been as many new, planned and reviving distilleries as now.

In with the old

Vintage Spirits are given a new lease of life

Home to both driest desert in the world and the Patagonian ice fields, Chile’s bounty of extreme terroirs makes it one of the most exciting and diverse wine countries.

November 2017


Sparkling wine producers target millennials

The Sekt Pistols

Germany’s winemakers have the fizz market in their sights

Fine Time

Chile shifts its focus to top-end wines

October 2017

Making a Splash

The unstoppable growth of global travel retail

Mile-high Club

Champagne on airlines

Cape Expectations

South Africa’s new wave of winemakers

September 2017

Reflections on Chile

Winemaking powerhouse wades into success

Gentle touch

Australia turns down the power

Dram pain

Scotch Whisky and the fight against forgery

August 2017

Climes of passion

Argentina embraces a world of wine beyond Malbec

Light brigade

New Zealand winemakers explore aromatics

Pop stars

Uncorking the latest developements in closures