World’s first smart wine bottle launched

The likes of Bonny Doon and Schug have teamed up with the world’s first smart wine bottle, Kuvée, which promises to keep wine fresh for 30 days.

Kuvée – the world's first smart wine bottle

Kuvée – the world’s first smart wine bottle

The gadget is formed of a WiFi-connected Kuvée bottle and a selection of wines from the likes of Bonny Doon, Schug, B.R. Cohn and Pine Ridge.

Housed in metallic sheaths, wines in the Kuvée collection are bottled the same way as standard 75cl glass bottles and cost between US$15-50.

To use the system, you simply have to insert one of the wines into the black Kuvée bottle and pour. According to its makers, Kuvée’s patented valve system prevents oxygen from entering the wine, keeping it fresh for up to 30 days after opening.

Kuvée has an interactive touchscreen

The Kuvée bottle features an interactive touchscreen that allows users to order wine, delivers personalised recommendations, and shares food matching tips.

“The US wine industry is growing faster than anywhere else in the world, and the demographics of wine lovers are changing rapidly. But despite these shifts, the industry has been slow to innovate beyond the glass bottle and cork,” founder and CEO Vijay Manwani said.

Manwani secured US$6m in venture funding from General Catalyst, Founder Collective, Bolt and several high-profile angel investors.

“Kuvée has assembled a world-class team of entrepreneurs and engineers to create an new way to experience wine at home, with freshness and convenience at the core of the experience,” said Founder Collective managing partner Eric Paley.

Kuvée is due to go on sale in California and Massachusetts this October. The device can be pre-ordered on the Kuvée website for $179 for a limited time. Manwani plans to offer 48 wines from 12 wineries when it launches, and intends to expand to additional markets in early 2017.

Master Sommelier R. Michael Meagher hailed the gadget a “game changer”. “I tested nearly 20 different wines with the Kuvée system and I was amazed at how consistent the quality and freshness of each wine was over several days, weeks and even over a month.

“It’s a game-changing experience to have a wine as drinkable on day 30 as it was on day one,” he said.

Randall Grahm, founder of Bonny Doon Vineyards, was attracted to Kuvée as he believes it pushes the boundaries as to what it possible in wine. “It’s a truly original approach to packaging and marketing wine, and we’re excited to be among the first to take advantage of the benefits,” he said.

5 Responses to “World’s first smart wine bottle launched”

  1. Bill Rolfe says:

    It may be innovative but presumably you need more than one if you intend to keep the wine for up to 30 days. For instance, if you intend to taste several wines during the month but not empty the whole bottle each time you would need a Kuvee for each wine and at $179 a time that’s quite an outlay! Good luck.

  2. david jackson says:

    Is any American wine worth keeping for a month? ALL the ones Ive tried, one taste is enough, the rest is returned as undrinkable (and I’m talking $100+ bottles) or thrown down the drain. I have a trained European palate, so US wines are to me undrinkable anyway, as in fact they are to most who have a developed understanding of wines.

    Certainly if this system works, it may have limited attraction to European imbibers, or more likely top class restaurants, but there are already systems available which promise the same storage life, so it wouldnt be readily accepted.

  3. De says:

    I’ve never had a bottle of wine open for more than a day. They need to think of a new reason to sell this toy.

  4. Jim langee says:


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