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Global Sauvignon Blanc Masters 2020: the results

We reveal the full list of medallists from our latest Global Masters tasting for Sauvignon Blanc, including some star wines from Marlborough, Napa, Alto Adige, Pfalz and England.

Liv-ex Power 100 List – 2019

In partnership with Liv-ex we take our annual look at the shifting patterns of the fine wine market in 2019, taking a look at the most powerful brands climbing – or sliding down – the greasy pole to the top and the growing momentum behind Champagne and Italy.

Results: Cognac Masters 2019 – Asia

Cognac is one of those drinks that is known for its high-end appeal. Our blind-tasting competition sought to put aside packaging and frills and concentrate on the liquid itself.

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10 US restaurants selling their wines to go

We round up the US restaurants across the country that are selling some of the prized bottles from their wine cellars to go during the coronavirus crisis.

10 of the best wine delivery services in the UK

While the UK is on lockdown, these hard-working wine merchants are still delivering wine directly to your door, so you won’t go thirsty during quarantine.

12 food films to watch during quarantine

While restaurants are off the menu at the moment, we’ve been spicing things up in the kitchen. These foodie films should help whet your appetite and bring out your inner gourmand.