10 post-Covid trends here to stay in the Asian F&B industry

Expand local markets

Eateries and bars that used to relying on tourist arrivals have needed to quickly shift their approach to chase local dollars in order to remain viable during this period.

As for hotels, they are encountering the double challenges of filling hotel rooms that used to be occupied by tourists, and the need to market their own F&B brands to compete with independent restaurants and bars for a slice of the local market.

Ralph Frehner, vice president of Design Development Operations of Marriott International, Asia Pacific, has been creating new eatery and bar concepts for the hotel group.

He said: “We have always focused on the local market because we realised that only around 20% to 30% of customers in our restaurants are in-house guests. We do not build restaurants to the hotel brand, rather we match the concepts to the local community and market”.

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