Top 10 best-selling Scotch whiskies

4th August, 2020 by Lauren Eads

Exports of Scotch whisky surged by 4.4% to reach a record £4.9 billion in value last year, despite the threat of higher tariffs and and trade wars. But how are the world’s biggest brands faring now?

A mammoth 1.3 billion bottles of Scotch were exported to 180 markets in 2019, according to the Scotch Whisky Association, with a total value of £4.9bn – an increase of 4.4% by value and 2.4% in volume compared to the previous year.

  • This amounts to a £200m rise in Scotch whisky’s export value in the space of a year, when 1.28bn bottles were sold outside of the UK.

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  1. Tony Condon says:

    I worked in the drinks industry and keep up to date thru your website just out of personal interest.

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