Apothic Red launches first varietal wine

Californian wine brand Apothic is expanding its range in the UK with the launch of its first varietal wine, a Cabernet Sauvignon.

Apothic Cab will join the line-up of Apothic’s existing red blends

Apothic Cab will launch into the UK grocery channel in September (RRP: £9.50).

The move marks a departure for the company which has previously concentrated on its red wine blends

Olga Senkina, marketing director EMEA at parent company E&J Gallo Winery said the new Apothic Cab would be “an outstanding addition to the Apothic portfolio”.

“The combination of Apothic’s high brand loyalty, instantly recognisable label, and the popularity of Cabernet Sauvignon, points towards Apothic Cab being a hit with both new Cabernet drinkers and existing consumers eager to sample a more premium Cab,” she said.

The brand is hoping its signature smooth style will appeal to both to attract new consumers to Cabernet, as well as appealing to existing Cabernet buyers.

Cabernet Sauvignon is the second largest wine varietal in the UK premium sector (defined as wine price about £7), with US Cabernets accounting for around 38% of growth in that sector, according to Nielsen Scan Track data (Total Off Trade 11.07.20 MAT). The primary driver in the premium cabernet Sauvignon sector in UK retail is Gallo’s sister brand, Dark Horse, Gallo has previously noted.

Across total retail, Cabernet Sauvignon is the fifth most popular wine varietal, clocking up sales in UK retail of around £191million in 2018, a slight fall (-0.7%) on the previous year.

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