Canned wine brand Babe goes on sale in the UK

Babe, the popular canned wine brand founded by Instagram influencer Josh Ostrovsky, who goes by the alias ‘The Fat Jew’, has gone on sale in the UK.

Babe, which was bought by Belgian brewer AB InBev in 2019 in its biggest wine investment to date, has made its debut in the UK at Sainsbury’s with a canned sparkling rosé.

Influencer Josh Ostrovsky founded Babe in 2016

The 200ml single serve cans are priced at £2.15. The other two wines in the range – a sparkling red and sparkling Pinot Grigio, have yet to make it across the pond.

The brand was founded by Ostrovsky and brothers David and Tanner Cohen in 2016 with the aim of simplifying wine for consumers.

Fuelled by Ostrovsky’s social media presence, Babe has become one of the fasted-growing canned wine brands in the US.

The tongue-in-cheek brand, which ‘pairs with everything’, employed supermodel Emily Ratajkowski as its ‘chief of taste’.

“It’s about time we made our way across the pond and launching in Sainsbury’s is the best way to get everyone our ridiculously delicious bubbly. The UK knows how to party, Babe knows how to party, let’s make some memories,” Ostrovsky said.

Kendra Kuppin, product owner for Babe UK added: “We’re very excited to be launching in Sainsbury’s. Babe is all about accessibility, convenience, and moving on from the stuffiness and formality traditionally associated with wine.

“People love wine, end of story. You don’t need to know about the vintage, variety, or heritage. ‘Wine for all’ is our mission.”

Ostrovsky launched the ‘White Girl Rosé’ brand in 2015. Last summer AB InBev took control of both the White Girl and Babe brands for an undisclosed sum to bolster its Beyond Beer portfolio.

In addition to his drinks venture, New York-born Ostrovsky, who has a BA in journalism, is a writer, actor, and plus-size model.

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