The world’s best-selling gin brands right now


Brand owner: Diageo

Volume 2018: 6.5m

Volume 2019: 6.7m

Change: 3%

Still the world’s biggest gin by some measure, Gordon’s sold 6.7m cases in 2019, achieving a 3% uplift, and reporting total sales of £1.2 billion, with Europe its principal market.

Overall, Diageo reported total net sales of £12.9 billion in 2019 across all of its brands – an increase of 5.8% – and an operating profit of £4 billion – an increase of 9.5%.

Net sales of Diageo’s gin brands rose 22% in the year to June 30 across all regions (except north America). In particular, Diageo’s ready to drink category grew 17%, driven by the Gordon’s premix range, with Gordon’s reporting “double digit” growth driven in part by its flavoured “innovation variants”, namely Gordon’s Pink. The pink-hued variant was launched in 2017 and is flavoured with raspberry, strawberry and redcurrant. This year, it launched a ready-to drink slimline version of its Gordon’s Pink G&T in a can.

As for its history, Gordon’s gin heritage runs deep. Its founder Alexander Gordon opened the distillery in 1769, 18 years after Chiswick-based artist William Hogarth published his famous Gin Lane print depicting London as a gin-soaked den of depravity. With Gordon’s, Alexander sought to lift the spirit’s reputation from the gutter into the dining rooms of the elite with a juniper-forward expression – a challenge you could certainly say it has met.

2 Responses to “The world’s best-selling gin brands right now”

  1. F. George Dunham, III says:

    A trick I learned from a coworker is this, when you haven’t showered and you are enjoying a martini made with Gordon’s, take a drop and dab it behind your ears and under your shirt and it will mask your body odor. Only Gordon’s works this way because it is clean and smells like soap. Otherwise you will smell like a wino.

  2. Nigel Greening says:

    And where is by far the biggest selling gin in the world… Ginebra San Miguel?

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