The world’s best-selling gin brands right now


Brand owner: Bacardi

Volume 2018: 4.3m

Volume 2019: 4.6m

Change: 7%

Owned by Bacardi, Bombay Sapphire is the world’s second biggest-selling gin, shifting 4.6m cases in 2019. And it’s been a busy year for the brand, with several product launches this year alone.

In January the brand expanded its range of gins with the launch of four liqueurs, designed to give its Bombay Sapphire G&T a “floral or fruit boost”. They come in four flavours – rose, hibiscus, strawberry and raspberry – and are designed to add a pink hue to a mixed drink, which it said would cater to demand for  “growing demand for personalisation”.

This was followed by the launch of a new berry-flavoured gin to its Bombay Sapphire line, Bombay Bramble gin, which is made with real blackberries and raspberries and is said to “capture the essence of fresh blackberries and raspberries harvested at their ripest moment”. It was launched in response to consumer demand for a “premium product created with real ingredients, natural flavours and colours”, and was marketed in opposition to some brands that might use concentrates, additional sugars and additives to produce flavoured gins.

Simultaneously, the brand also launched its first RTD Bombay Sapphire and Tonic in a can, currently available in UK supermarkets. The company said its master of botanicals, Ivano Tonutti, and master distiller, Dr. Anne Brock, had spent time refining a formula that balanced the demand for a product for the sake of convenience without “foregoing quality”.

However it hasn’t all been plain sailing for Bombay Sapphire. Last year Bacardi faced a lawsuit in Florida over its use of the botanical ‘grain of paradise’, which cannot be used in the state to flavour spirits over alleged health concerns. The case was dismissed in January of this year. 

2 Responses to “The world’s best-selling gin brands right now”

  1. F. George Dunham, III says:

    A trick I learned from a coworker is this, when you haven’t showered and you are enjoying a martini made with Gordon’s, take a drop and dab it behind your ears and under your shirt and it will mask your body odor. Only Gordon’s works this way because it is clean and smells like soap. Otherwise you will smell like a wino.

  2. Nigel Greening says:

    And where is by far the biggest selling gin in the world… Ginebra San Miguel?

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