Top 10 books about wine, beer, and spirits to read in lockdown

10 Great Wine Families, Fiona Morrison MW

Looking for a thorough introduction to the wine world hierarchy? The beautifully written second book from Steven Spurrier’s revived Academie du Vin series sees Fiona Morrison spend time with the Frescobaldi, Gaja, Torres, Perrin, Thienpont, Knoll, Niepoort, Palacios, Müller and Liger-Belair families, to see what makes them tick and drives their passion for viticulture.

Originally published in Flemish, the book has now been brought to an English-speaking audience to offer, “a viewpoint no other writer, as far as I know, has ever possessed: a seat at the heart of the action,” according to Spurrier.

10 Great Wine Families is available from the Academie du Vin.



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