10 breweries and distilleries around the world making hand sanitiser

Yahara Bay Distillers, Madison, Wisconsin

Elsewhere in the states, Yahara Bay Distillers is making its own contribution to the hand sanitiser crisis.

Though it is not specifically making hand sanitiser, the distillery, based in Madison, Wisconsin, is working to bottle a super-strength version of its “Just Vodka,” which comes in at 70% ABV, in the hopes it could be used to kill bacteris.

Nels Forde, the general manager, said in a statement that the distillery doesn’t yet have an approved formula and label to make hand sanitiser, something that could take months to gain approval for from the American Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau.

Instead, it is selling the high-strength vodka without added aloe or another moisturising element, and the first 75 customers who purchase it will get a free spray bottle or a roll of toilet paper.

The company hopes to start selling the new vodka today (19 March), reports Madison Magazine.

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