Disaronno launches UK subsidiary and cream liqueur in the US

Italian spirits company Illva Saronno is to launch its own UK subsidiary, Disaronno International UK, at the same time as launching an amaretto cream liqueur in the US.

From January 2021 Disaronno International UK will be responsible for the distribution, sales and marketing of Illva Saronno brands in the UK, which include Disaronno and coffee liqueur Tia Maria.

Neil Jardine has been promoted to managing director of Disaronno International UK to head up the subsidiary. Its launch marks the end of a 20-year partnership between Illva Saronno and William Grant & Sons UK.

“Our relationship with William Grant & Sons is extensive and deep, and as two family run businesses we share many of the same values and principles.

“Together we have built a successful business in the UK, which is testament to the professionalism and dedication that the team at William Grant & Sons has continually shown.

“On behalf of the board of Illva Saronno and the UK team, I would like to express our sincere thanks and gratitude for the pride and passion William Grant & Sons UK has shown managing our brands over the years,” Jardine said.

“The next chapter for us is hugely exciting. We are bringing innovation to the core of our company with the aim of shaking up the category and reinvigorating our brands.

“We’ll soon be announcing two new innovations that we will be bringing to the UK in the coming months,” he added.

Meanwhile, Disaronno International announced the launch of amaretto cream liqueur, Disaronno Velvet, in the US this week in the first line extension from the Italian brand in over 500 years.

Founded in Saronno in Lombardy in 1525, amaretto liqueur Disaronno is one of the oldest Italian spirits brands and is known for its distinctive rectangular Murano glass bottle. Disaronno Velvet shares the same bottle shape as the original liqueur, only in white.

According to its makers, the liqueur boasts notes of apricot, almond and vanilla. “Disaronno Velvet opens up an opportunity for us to attract new consumers to the brand,” said Ray Stoughton, executive vice president of Disaronno International.

The 17% ABV drink, which has an RRP in the US of $29.99, can either be served over ice or within a cream cocktail. The launch of Disaronno Velvet will be supported by a $4 million television and digital video campaign across America.

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