Top 10 food and drink trends for 2020


As the war against sugar continues to rage, sour looks set to be the flavour on everyone’s lips this year, from tart cocktails that make a star of apples, lemons and limes, to non-alcoholic drinking vinegars like Peckham-based Mother Root’s Ginger Switchel, founded by Bethan Higson, a former wine ambassador for Moet Hennessy turned drinks entrepreneur, which can be found on pour at The Ledbury and Orasay in Notting Hill.

The popularity of fizzy fermented green tea kombucha looks set to grow this year as alcohol-spiked versions start to pop up in bars and on supermarket shelves, while the zero ABV versions continue to prove popular with abstemious millennials.

The tongue tingling food boom is mushrooming due to the growing popularity of fermented foods like kimchi and sauerkraut, which are known to be good for your gut. Chefs are increasingly experimenting with sour flavours and are weaving sour ingredients like rhubarb, hibiscus and tamarind into their dishes, while our passion for pickling is showing no sign of slowing.

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