Spain 2019 harvest report region by region

Ribera del Duero– grapes crushed in 2019: 96 million kg

Generally speaking the weather was less extreme over the year in Ribera del Duero. It was a drier year and when significant rain did come it was often the opportune moment for it. Windy weather during the flowering period is partly responsible for lower yields together with dry summer conditions, especially in late August. This was followed by stormy weather which slowed the maturation process but there was still time to achieve the right balance in the fruit.

As harvest got underway Sergio Ávila, head winemaker at Cruz de Alba (Quintanilla) said that the quality was expected to be exceptional thanks to the “impressive” health of the grapes. He said: “The berries are smaller and looser but with a perfect balance between skin and pulp.”

He added: “Acidity is always a challenge in Ribera del Duero, but this year we are finding grapes with acidity-alcohol-phenolic ripeness balance and we believe that this will result in fine wines showing a bit more warmth than last year.”

At Dominio del Águila in Burgos Jorge Monzόn said that the weather allowed for “perfect ripeness”. He’s confident that this will be a good year for young red wines and in the case of aged wines it could also be a great year so long as grapes were picked early enough to have the required freshness.

This year’s harvest in Ribera del Duero includes 600,000 kg of Albillo Mayor, a white variety which has been cultivated here since the Middle Ages. This is the first white variety to gain DO status in the region and it will make up at least 75% of the blend for white wines.

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