Eleven English and Welsh wineries that make their own spirits and vermouth

Bolney x Foxhole Spirits

Launched in 2016, Foxhole specialises in making grape-based gin. Headed up by managing director and Plumpton College graduate James Oag-Cooper, the company has worked with Bolney Wine Estate since it was established. Indeed, Bolney’s managing director and head winemaker Sam Linter and her husband Graham are two of the company’s directors.

The idea was to create a spirit using the waste products of winemaking, which can be as much as 30-40% of the total grape material.

Foxhole Gin, as it was subsequently called, is flavoured with botanicals including juniper, coriander, angelica root, orris root, liquorice root, bitter orange, fresh lemon zest, grapefruit zest and angelica seeds.

Foxhole Spirits has gone on to launch Hyke gin, made from internationally sourced table grapes and flavoured with botanicals including coriander, myrrh and rooibos.

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