Top 10 on-trade drinks trends for 2020

9. Neo-natural

Bibendum has stated that low-intervention wines and beers will continue to be a feature in UK bars and restaurants. The distributor believes there will be more beers made with ‘wild’ or ‘spontaneous’ fermentation, rather than using a cultured yeast, while Pet-Nat sparkling will continue to be a “firm favourite” across premium on-trade accounts.

10. Low- and no-alcohol

Barely a day goes by without a new release in the ‘low- and no-‘ sector. While many are calling for more regulation within the category, Bibendum believes we will see increasing diversification as the segment extends its reach into dark ‘spirits’, aperitifs and RTDs.

With beer leading the charge, Bibendum also predicts that we’ll see more low- and no- beers available on draught in the on-trade, with bars and restaurants extending their low-ABV offerings.

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