Fine wine labels to watch in 2020

Jean-Louis Chave

2019 spot: 59
2018 spot: 191

The Rhône has traditionally been the junior region among the secondary market greats. Often under-performing and with lots of hope it might break out at some point it never quite does.

Sure the ‘La Las’ from Guigal, Jaboulet’s La Chapelle and Chapoutier’s top wines are standouts with strong brands and international recognition and then there are superstar growers such as Clape, Allemand, Gonon, Sorrel and Château Rayas.

The Rhône may struggle a little in the secondary market but that doesn’t mean it’s short of highly revered and keenly sought-after wines.

Blazing a trail though and coming on strong is Jean-Louis Chave who leapt from 191st place in 2018 to 59th in the Power 100 this year.

A flash in the pan? There’s always that possibility but Chave has an excellent and growing reputation, small but not miniscule production and concentration in Hermitage (and a little in St Joseph) with some of the best plots going, these are benchmark wines in the Northern Rhône.

If there’s one Rhône label that’s going to make waves before too long, it will likely be Chave.

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