Fine wine labels to watch in 2020


2019 spot: 26
2018 spot: 118

The thing with the secondary fine wine market is that, a few Champagnes aside, it’s a very ‘red’ world.

Just about the only white wines of any import in the Power Rankings are white Burgundy – and a not inconsequential number either.

Domaine Guy Roulot (Meursault), Domaine Raveneau (Chablis), Ramonet (Chassagne), Coche Dury (Meursault) and Pierre-Yves Colin-Morey (Chassagne) are all prominent white winemakers on the Power 100 list this year with Ramonet, Raveneau and Roulot all being new entries having stormed up the rankings.

Coche Dury and PYCM all dropped down the list in 2019 which might be a temporary thing but one can see why the other three have caught buyers’ attention.

White Burgundy is one of the world’s great wine styles and one gets a sense that there is less fear over premature oxidation in more recent vintages and the reputation of the wines has been somewhat restored.

At the very least any lingering concerns over ‘prem-ox’ might be driving collectors to drink the stuff so it’s a dwindling supply, driven by the sudden remembrance at how glorious these wines are and therefore that they need to be acquired.

Coche Dury and PYCM seem to have been the immediate beneficiaries of this but with average prices for Coche now being £7,000 a case (PYCM is more like £700), it’s no surprise buyers may look elsewhere.

Ramonet has been described by Clive Coates as the “white equivalent of Henri Jayer or DRC” and with an average case price of £2,013 that is one tempting proposition.

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