7 cocktails to get you in the Thanksgiving spirit

Root Beer Mint Julep

mint julep whisky cocktailThe Mint Julep is inextricably linked to the Kentucky Derby, making it a classic American serve in its own right. The original is a simple blend of Bourbon, fresh spearmint, sugar and water, with the drink often served in a frosted pewter cup laden with ice.

The Mint Julep is thought to have originated as a medicinal remedy for stomach aches, appearing in print as early as 1784. A little later in 1803, writer John Davis described the drink as “a dram of spirituous liquor that has mint steeped in it taken by Virginians of a morning”.

This version sees the addition of a dash of Smirnoff’s root bear float – a creamy vodka and vanilla based mixer, with standard substituted for Maple syrup.

To make: Muddle 7-8 mint leaves in maple syrup, add 5oz of Bourbon, 1oz of root beer float (this could be substituted for actual root beer) and crushed ice. Stir well and serve.



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