7 cocktails to get you in the Thanksgiving spirit

Radish and Dill Ceasar

The Ceasar, which substitutes vodka for gin and incorporates clam juice into the classic blend of tomato juice and white spirit, is an underrated stateside hero of the cocktail category. A beloved drink stateside with fiery cayenne pepper, this drink is certain to warm your cockles.

If, like many, you struggle to source any clam juice, drinks maker Clamato produces a ready-made mixer.

The combination of tomatoes and radish and dill-infused gin creates an invigorating but refreshing cocktail, which works as well served at a Shoreditch basement bar, or in an elegant tumbler at the table with family & friends.

The radish and dill gin is extremely easy to make at home. Simply add five or six thinly-sliced radishes and two sprigs of dill to 500ml of gin, store for a few days, then serve.

But if you’re running out of time, this aperitif works just as well with gins that exhibit fewer floral flavours.

To make: Rim a chilled tall glass with celery salt, mix together 30ml infused gin, three dashes of hot sauce, three dashes of Worcestershire sauce, three turns of cracked black pepper and 120ml of Clamato juice in a shaker with ice, then strain into a tumbler with plenty of ice.






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