Top new products: September

9. Elysian Brewing Raspy Whisper

Seattle-based Elysian Brewing has released a brew combining chocolate and raspberry as part of its first innovation series beer release. Called Raspy Whisper, the beer is a 3.6% ABV raspberry and chocolate gose. Created to meet demand for lower-ABV drinks, the beer is brewed with 9kg of raspberries, more than 2kg of chocolate cocoa nibs and a touch of sea salt. It was made with a combination of wheat, pale and acidulated malts together with Simcoe and Magnum hops and Indian coriander. Packaged in four-packs, the beer is available in 12oz cans.

RRP: US$4.79.

Contact: Elysian Brewing, +1 206-767-0210

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