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Bold claim of the week goes to Strasbourg-based brewer Kronenbourg.

Eric Cantona has announced he is going to space to prove that Kronenbourg is “le taste supreme” in the words of Kronenbourg’s marketing team. (Photo: Kronenbourg)

The beer label has convinced footballer-turned-actor Eric “Ooh Ahh” Cantona to go into space* and prove that it is “Le Taste Suprême” in the entire universe, in the words of the Kronenbourg marketing department.

In a mock press conference, Cantona announces his intention to travel into space, in front of a sign that, instead of “NASA”, read: “ALSASA”. We see what you did there.

Cantona and Kronenbourg announced the news by unveiling a life-sized levitating statue of the former at London Victoria train station.

Worryingly, a statement from the beer brand said this is “the first levitating statue of Eric Cantona”, which implies there’s more in the works.

*Unlikely, but not impossible…

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