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Albino Armani re-elected president of the Consorzio Vini delle Venezie DOC

Albino Armani, president of Italy’s Consorzio Delle Venezie DOC

Albino Armani has been unanimously re-elected as the president of Italy’s Consorzio Delle Venezie DOC at a general meeting held last month.

The Consorzio DOC delle Venezie was founded in 2017 with the primary aim of raising the profile of Pinot Grigio, lifting it from an IGP classification to a DOC and ensuring quality production.

The Delle Venezie DOC covers the entire Northeastern part of Italy, including the administrative territories of Friuli-Venezia Giulia and Veneto regions and the autonomous province of Trento, an area that accounts for 85% of Italian Pinot Grigio.

Working alongside Armani will be vice presidents Valerio Cescon (Veneto) and Goffredo Pasolli (Trentino), as well as members of the newly elected board.

“I accept the challenge; along with the new Board, we will continue developing a project begun two years ago that has already brought extraordinary results”, said Armani, adding: “We are well aware of the responsibility before us; this appellation holds enormous potential just waiting to be developed. Already the conversation around this great variety has a new and different tone. It is an asset that we must defend and maximize, establishing it with a strong identity firmly grounded in Italy and in the Triveneto in particular.”

With the installation of its first elected board, the Consorzio Vini delle Venezie DOC becomes fully operational.

Among the priorities for the newly elected board – in addition to the development of promotional activities and maximising the potential of the appellation – is the completion of the DOC approval process at the European level, and improvement of the control and management tools for production potential.

“Our intention is that the ‘delle Venezie’ concept, with the wine, typical products and culture imbued with tradition, offer the idea of a region and an appellation able to deliver quality and, at the same time, strong, authentic and long-lasting emotions,” concluded Armani.

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