Top 10 defining drinks trends of this century so far

In July 2002 we published the first issue of the drinks business. This month we’re celebrating our 200th edition. Since launching, the wine world has changed dramatically. Patrick Schmitt MW explores 10 key trends that have pushed it forward.

Alex Hall’s ‘Hip, Hip, Hooray’, the cover image of our 200th issue, has gone on sale for £10,500

Loyal supporters

db would never have reached 100 issues, let alone 200, without the support of brand owners in this business, and we are particularly pleased to see that so many of the partners that featured in our first ever edition of the magazine are still working with us today. Among such longstanding supporters are major players in the world of Champagne and Spain, with producers in Rioja proving particularly loyal. Indeed, both Marqués de Cáceres and Campo Viejo – the two power brands of this region – featured in issue 1 and this, the 200th copy of db. Testament to their strength, and the enduring appeal of this region, the president of Marqués de Cáceres reminds db readers how much the competition for the classic wines of Europe has intensified during this century. Nevertheless, the top drops of Rioja have retained their relevance, enticing a new generation of wine drinkers. For Campo Viejo, a cornerstone to this brand’s strength relates to its early adoption of sustainable approaches to production, and, it was not long after db launched that this famous Rioja brand completed a new winery, which was one of the first in the world to follow the principles of sustainable architecture, seamlessly integrated with the environment. Laying the groundwork ahead of a forecasted rise in demand for sustainable drinks, Campo Viejo was also Spain’s first winery to be certified Carbon Neutral in 2012. And, such a green focus has been recognised today, with Campo Viejo receiving a ‘Sustainability Award’ in the 2018 Green Awards by the drinks business, which you can read about in our January edition.

It’s been 200 issues since the drinks business arrived onto the scene. Published monthly, we’ve been producing magazines since July 2002, and with an average pagination of around 100 sheets in each edition, we must have printed 200,000 pages of drinks-related news and comment since we started – representing at least 100 million words.

That’s without including our Hong Kong magazine – launched in October 2011, or our website, which went live in January 2006, making it an essential news resource for the global drinks industry for more than 13 years.

the drinks business has developed significantly since issue one, notably from a monthly magazine into a powerful multi-media brand in the beer, wine and spirits trade. It has achieved this since its first edition, which was published in July 2002, through the development of its awards, designed to recognise and reward excellence in drinks; its numerous special reports on trends, sectors and countries; and its powerful online presence, along with its events and masterclasses for both trade and consumer audiences, and finally, its blind-tasting competitions, called the Global Masters.

Today, we proudly state that db is the world’s leading print, online and social media channel for dedicated news and objective editorial covering the wine, beer and spirits sector. Despite reaching such a stage in our development, db is constantly improving its offer, as well as expanding its reach. Among the publishing brand’s most recent launches is a website dedicated entirely to our Global Masters tasting competitions:

Not long before this, we unveiled a further website, along with a printed guide, devoted to rating restaurant wine lists, called Wine List Confidential. This was augmented at the start of this year with a run-down of London’s top 50 most influential sommeliers. As for the future, the end of this year will see db celebrate the world’s best winemakers, with both a printed guide and an event, which will reward the top performers from our Global Masters competitions.

So, how should we mark this milestone edition? We have settled on a set of themes, each supported by a medal-winning wine from our Global Wine Masters.

Such subjects represent 10 areas of the wine trade that have changed beyond recognition since we started. If you like, these are the defining drinks of our century so far.

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  1. Greg Fischer says:

    With green drinks in mind – The most sustainable wine on Earth is Mead. Craft Mead has developed not to be that off tasting syrupy overly sweet wine. With the different varietals of honey we are seeing craft meadmakers make fine mead both dry and sweet. Our Meadery Wild Blossom in Chicago produces the most locally wine made in the city.

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