Three trends changing the UK craft beer sector in 2019

Canned beer dominates

Gone are the days of stigma around ‘tinnies”. In 2017, a study into craft beer retail by analysts at Nielsen found that around 25% of all brews sold were packaged in a canned format. Today, EeBria Trade said that close to three quarters of all the beer sold on its website is served in cans.

Cans are “demonstrably more popular with consumers too,” according to the retailer, which adds that breweries that made the switch from bottles to cans found “on average that their rate of sale almost tripled.”

While the trend’s latest iteration began with smaller 330ml cans, Eebria Trade said that the new larger 440ml can are now the most popular on its website, “going from effectively a standing start in early 2017 to over 40% of all bottles and cans being in this more shareable format.”

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