Top female brewers in the UK

Jenn Merrick, founder and director, Earth Station

Jen Merrick (front centre)

Former head brewer at the likes of Meantime and Beavertown, Merrick launched her own project called Earth Station in 2017 – a community brewery built on an unused patch of railway in North Woolwich. Born in Salt Lake City, she originally started out as a baker, with a bit of coffee roasting and horticulture thrown in for good measure.

In 2008, she crossed the pond to take up a brewing position at York Brewery where she remained for over three years before joining Sussex’s Dark Star as lead brewer and production manager. Merrick then worked her way up in roles at Meantime and Beavertown before launching Earth Station. The brewery-come-social enterprise in London’s Royal Docks in Newham will act as a community hub, providing jobs for local residents and giving the young and single mums the chance to get into the industry.

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