Top drinks supplier changes and partnerships: February

Lowlander Beer x James Clay

Dutch brewery Lowlander entered into a distribution partnership with James Clay in the UK last month, hoping to increase its exposure in the market.

The botanical beer brand was responsible for a recent zero-waste campaign which recycled Christmas trees to brew a Winter IPA. The brewer now hopes to roll out a similar scheme in the UK in 2019. The brewer will also introduce two low-ABV botanical infusion beers to the UK which will sit alongside its existing four-strong line-up.

Lowlander’s Frederik Kampman, said: “We’re delighted to be introducing our range of great tasting beers to the UK. Unusually our beers are botanically brewed, using similar herbs and spices to those used to make Genever and gin. We believe the time is right to bring our refreshing beers to a wider UK audience familiar with the botanicals in gin as well as lovers of craft gin and James Clay are the perfect partners to help us achieve our ambitious goals.”

“James Clay is known for supplying the world’s best beers from the worlds best brewers. The interest in botanicals in gin means the time is right to be talking about a new style of beer with some exciting botanically brewed low ABV expressions in the pipeline.”

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