Top 10 most influential women in China’s wine trade

Judy Chan of Grace Vineyards

Born in Hong Kong, Judy Chan left a career with Goldman Sachs to take over Shanxi-based Grace Vineyard from her father in 2002 at the tender age of 24. Since then she has turned Grace Vineyard into both a globally recognised brand and a flagship for Chinese fine wine.

Not only has she improved the quality of her wines, but she has built a successful and viable business model for a boutique family winery in China. Producing wines from  flagship red blend ‘Deep Blue’ to top cuvee ‘Chairman’s Reserve’ and most recently a range of sparkling wines, the winery’s wines are seen on the wine lists of major restaurants and hotels across the country, and are exported abroad. In 2018, she opened another chapter for her company by publicly listing it on Hong Kong Stock Exchange to achieve greater transparency and corporate governance.

Chan together with Emma Gao of Silver Heights, Chen Lizhong of Tiansai Vineyards, and Grace Fong of Kaanan Winery lifted the reputation of Chinese wine, but also proved what can be done and the promise that Chinese wine holds.

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