Brewery launches campaign stressing environmental and independent credentials

Staffordshire’s Freedom Brewery has released a new marketing campaign centred on promoting its eco-friendly ethos and independent status, with taglines including “filtered by nature, not Londoners”.

Teaming up with creative design agency Wonderhood Studios, the brewer has unveiled its campaign on its website and across its social channels.

Centring around its mottos including independence and eco-consciousness, it has produced a number of word-based slides to promote its message. These include ‘no-one tells us what to brew’, ‘filtered by nature, not by Londoners’, ‘we’re gutless’ and ‘every single drop tastes of beer’.

A statement on the company’s website also reads: “We are the beer that tastes like beer. The independent brewery that refuses to put mango milk in their brew. The beer that is brilliant balanced, free from animal products, packed full of spring water, malted barley and hops, and brewed with a conscience. We’re not interested in gimmicks. We don’t compromise because no one tell us how to brew.”

The brewer, which produces a British lager, organic Helles lager, pale ale and Pilsner lager, does not use fining agents such as isinglass in its beers, making them vegan-friendly.

Freedom also controls its impact on the environment by using a natural reed bed system to process all of its waste water and using a “efficient” thermal fluid heating system.

It has its own private water supply sourced from a bore hole on site at its brewery. Under the tagline ‘filtered by nature, not by Londoners’, it added: “Apparently water in London has already been through seven people. So we moved our brewery to Staffordshire, where the good water is.”

Founded in 1995, Freedom Brewery was originally based in London, relocating to Staffordshire in 2004. In June last year it launched a £3.5 million crowdfunding campaign to fund a marketing push and recruitment drive.

Marketing manager Laura Mitchell commented: “In 2004 we moved from London to rural Staffordshire, investing in a state-of-the-art brewery focused on producing sustainable, natural, real beer.

“We have not moved our gaze from this purpose and are proud of the fact we have not been influenced by the faddy flavours and brands which have proliferated over more recent years, staying focused on producing really great tasting, high quality beer, consistently. Our independent status really is at the heart of that and comes to life in our lead campaign statement ‘No-one tells us how to brew.'”

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