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Restaurant finds stash of Latour under secret trap door

Builders working on a Giggling Squid restaurant in Windsor in 2017 uncovered a stash fine wine, including bottles from Château Latour, Château Rebouquet la Roquette and a Château de Montrabech, worth around £20,000.

The builders uncovered a trap door and hidden staircase to a cellar, which was filled with 2ft of water, as reported by The Times.

Inside, they found cases of unopened wine bottles and stock-taking notes dating from 1980. Among the selection of wines was a Château Rebouquet la Roquette from 1970, a Château de Montrabech from 1976, as well as several bottles of Château Latour.

Before the restaurant was taken over by the the Giggling Squid a rapidly expanding chain of Thai restaurants, it was a Bella Italia restaurant a Pizzaland and a Zizzi’s, who all missed out on making the discovery.

Prior to this it was owned by an Italian restaurateur, Peppino Battocchi, who named it Don Peppino’s and owned the restaurant until the early 1980s.

Stock taking notes found in the cellar date from 1980 and the wines are of the late ’70s vintage, which would suggest that the collection of wines belonged to Mr Battocchi.

Battocchi closed Don Peppino’s in the 1980s to concentrate on La Taverna, another of his restaurants in Windsor, which closed in 2014 after 52 years in business, according to reports in the Windsor and Eton Express.

Battocchi, who would now be aged 84, is yet to come forward to shed any light on the discovery of wines, but is known to have retired in 2014.

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